• RAID Data Recovery

  • RAID Data Recovery
     is not like hard drive recovery. It is more complicated due to parity, drive order, rebuilds, drive synchronization and much more. If this is MISSION CRITICAL DATA, Please call 877-379-7473 to speak with a qualified RAID tech.

    DO NOT RISK LOSING EVERYTHING. Call Ask Questions. Better to be safe than sorry. If you are searching the net you are looking for answers.

    We have more experience dealing with RAID/SAN/NAS than any other company.

    We offer complete Phone Support for minimum charge, its better than guessing or hopping you have the right answer or using the right software.

    Don't Trust your RAID system to just anyone, call the experts: 877-379-7473

  • Datarecoveryclinic.com sector clones all drives prior to doing any work on RAID systems. This is vital to prevent further data loss. Datarecoveryclinic.com has the capabilities to recover RAID systems virtually when possible. Don't be fooled by companies that only want the drives and don't ask more questions. Call us to find out what those questions are. With the constant upgrades and revisions to the firmware changes in controllers and more that is a reckless approach to RAID data recovery. Many times the extra effort can be the difference of recovering your data and not. We are committed to not only recover your data, but ascertain WHAT happened to prevent further data loss in the future. Speak with one of our engineers before sending your drives anywhere. 877-379-7473

    We are unmatched when it comes to RAID Data Recovery and Repair. Our technicians are capable of recovering and repairing inaccessible data from all forms of RAID system servers including:
    •file servers
    •application servers
    •web servers
    •network attached storage
    •RAID systems of any size

    All RAID recovery work is done on-site in our own class 100 clean room. Regardless of the problem, manufacturer, or operating system, we handle it all:

    •Drive Failures 
    •Corrupted RAID 
    •Missing Partitions 
    •Controller Failure 
    •Computer virus and worm damage 
    •Bad Parity 
    •Drives out of Order

    •Bus Logic
    •Software RAIDS
    •Storage Dimensions

    Operating Systems:
    •Windows NT
    •Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    •Windows 2000
    •Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2012
    •Microsoft Exchange
    •Sun Solaris