• What is data recovery?

      Data recovery is a professional service in which digital information is recovered from a hard drive, web server, cell phone, or other device.

      This process is usually performed in a cleanroom by trained engineers. Damaged devices are temporarily repaired and the data is transferred to a second device (usually an external hard drive or flash drive). When files are deleted, corrupt, or otherwise damaged, engineers will work directly with the data to restore them, using software tools to return access.

    • Can any expert fix my hard disk ?

      Theoretically yes, they could. However, they will not have all the necessary equipments to fix the hard drive and recover the data :

      - Class 100 clean rooms
      - Test equipments
      - Data recovery softwares
      - Servo trackers and servo writers
      - Manufacturers assistance and support
      - Training sessions in information technology, electronics and micro-mechanics

      Moreover most IT experts face hard drive problems only a few times in their whole careers. We face hundreds of data loss situations every week.

    • A clean room for my hard disk : What for ?

      Medical, pharmaceutical and electronical companies use clean rooms.

      When offering data recovery services, it is essential to open the hard disk in a very clean environment - with no dust. A seemingly simple electronical breakdown often leads to a more serious mechanical problem. That is why "DIY repairs" often end up in a disastrous disk crash.

      We make a complete analysis in clean rooms in order to determine the best recovery process.

      Class 100 is required : Less than 100 dust particles of more than 0.5 µm per foot3.

    • Is it always possible to recover data ?

      In some cases, data recovery is not possible : e.g. when the hard drive is totally crashed, i.e. when the plates of the drive are completely scratched.

      However it is often possible to recover data, even in apparently hopeless situations - e.g. flood or fire...

      Attention :
      If your hard drive is clinking or making an unusual noise, a disk crash may occur. In this case, you had better stop the central unit and send the hard disk for repair. Even if there is a chance to recover data, do not worsen the disk crash.

    • Is the warranty status of my hard disk preserved ?

      Most of our recovery work will not void your original warranty : IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate and Western Digital WDC.

      Attention :
      Some HDD manufacturers (like Seagate) do not give any specific agreement to any data recovery services. But they do preserve the warranty status of your hard disk if you send it to a few companies in the world.

      Let us know in writing before hand if your drive is under warranty.

    • Hard disk failures and data loss : Main reasons

      Despite all the precautions, there is still a risk to face a data loss.

      Here are the main causes of data loss :

      - Central unit fall or knock (laptop, portable computer)
      - Computer virus
      - Temperature variations
      - Human mistake, accidental deletion
      - Intentional data erasure
      - Short circuit
      - Hard drive defect
      - Flood, oxydation
      - Fire, etc.

    • Where do you put the recovered files?

      Recovered files are put on an external hard drive. Either you can purchase one from us or you can provide us with one.

    • When can I expect my data to be returned back to me?

      Data recovery turn-around time varies case to case. After recovery is complete you should receive your data back in 1-5 days depending on shipping method selected.

    • I have confidential information on my device. Should I worry?

      All data is kept confidential. We value your privacy.