• Data Recovery Process

  • 1. Phone Consultation

    Each recovery begins with a simple phone call to us. One of our trained, professional recovery specialists will discuss your particular need.

    To allow us to give the best possible service, please have on hand the make, model and manufacturer of the drive or media as well as a description describing the problem or failure occurring with your device. We will then give you an evaluation cost and ask for your daytime phone number, fax number and email address.

    A RMA or job number will then be issued and shipping instructions given.

    2. Evaluation

    The evaluation is where one of our recovery specialists carefully inspects your device or media arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the problem. While each evaluation is different depending on the type of damage and device or media being checked, an evaluation usually involves mechanical diagnostics, creating a sector copy, and assessing data integrity.

    Upon completion, you will be informed of your data's prognosis and if any parts will be necessary for a successful recovery. Evaluations begin within 12-24 hours of receipt of the device or media.

    3. Recovery

    Only upon receiving your authorization will we proceed with the process of recovering your data from your device or media.

    For mechanical damage, failed or compromised parts are replaced in a clean environment using exact replacement parts to ensure compliance with manufacturer warranty requirements. Specialized software is also employed to create an accurate image of your data. Some examples of parts that fail are read/write heads and assemblies, magnets, motors, and logic boards.

    If there is no mechanical damage, or after the mechanical damage has been repaired, the next step is logical recovery. This type of recovery uses high-tech software to extract all possible data from the device or media by either repairing the low-level file system, extracting data from fragments found in the data image or both.

    In the case of a malicious virus having caused the damage to the original data, great care will be taken to disinfect your system of the offending virus before restoring the data.

    Once data has been extracted, it is then compiled and restored on the original or repaired device or media without voiding or nullifying any existing manufacturer warranty.

    Our policy is to offer full disclosure on all that will be done and has been done throughout the recovery process. Recovery time typically ranges from 1-5 days depending on circumstances such as device or media capacity size, amount of data to recover, amount of physical repair required and complexity of file system.

    Data recovery cost assesment:

  • Level 1 - Data recovery cost

    When there is nothing mechanically or electrically wrong with your drive. Bad wires and connectors, burnt power adapters, virus and computers that will not boot but the hard drive is physically functional.

    75% of data recovery cost: $90-$250

  • Level 2 - Data recovery cost (Most Common)

    When your drive is detected by your computer but portions of the file system have read errors (file system corruption). The hard drive is no longer able to access all the sectors on the device due to old age or degraded media on the hard disk platters. This is usually when the data can be recovered without opening the top cover of your drive. A completely dead drive sometimes falls into this category. Since the circuit board is on the outside of the drive it does not have to be opened to repair. Slow reading drives or drives with many bad sectors normally take 1-2 hours of engineering time and 1 to 14 days of machine time. The maximum price for a slow reading drive is $400 (If your drive is not encrypted). Encryption will add about $100 to the final price.

    75% of data recovery cost: $150-$500

  • Level 3 - Data recovery cost (Clean Room)

    When your drive is not detected by your computer or it is detected but most sectors are bad. Many times it is making clicking, buzzing, or beeping noises.
    If your drive spins, clicks and shuts off this means you had a head crash most of the time.
    If it just beeps and does not spin then you have seized bearings or something is jammed in your drive.
    Drives with firmware problems are normally $400 to $500.
    Clicking or Seized laptop drives (2.5") under 1TB   will be recovered for $400 to $600
    Clicking or Seized laptop drives (2.5") over 1TB     will be recovered for $500 to $700
    Clicking or Seized desktop drives (3.5") under 1TB will be recovered for $500 to $700
    Clicking or Seized desktop drives (3.5") over 1TB   will be recovered for $500 to $800
    Clicking or Seized desktop drives (3.5") 3TB+ will be recoverd for $700 to $1200

    75% of data recovery cost: $700-$1200